The lights on the main Christmas tree of Berestovitsa region are lit

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Last Monday at 17.30 a festive event began at the Town Hall Square of Bolshaya Berestovitsa  dedicated to the lighting of illumination on the main Christmas tree of the district.

Children were the main guests and characters of the festive event. They gladly took pictures with traditional fairy-tale characters and danced round dances with them.

And the artists of the regional center of culture and folk art prepared a musical and entertainment program for the event participants.

The main characters of the holiday were Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. They congratulated all the guests on the opening of the New Year season, danced with children around the Christmas tree.

The charity event «Our Children» was launched at the celebration. With the beginning of this traditional event, which is held annually on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, congratulated the deputy chairman of the regional executive committee Andrei Shchuka.

And then came the brightest moment of the holiday. Bright garlands were lit on a slender beautiful Christmas tree, and at the same time, two huge multi-colored balls in the form of voluminous New Year’s toys.

Sergey Khilyuta, photos made by the author

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