Bolshaya Berestovitsa is an urban settlement located in the Grodno region

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Bolshaya Berestovitsa is an urban settlement located in the Grodno region. The residents of the district regard the history of their area with care, keep the traditions of the previous generations with deep respect and increase the wealth of their native land.

The Harvest Festival is a traditional event for farmers of Berestovitsa. During Dazhynki the workers of the agricultural sector gather in the square of the district centre and go to the summer amphitheater, where the celebrations take place. This holiday gives people a lot of bright emotions, good mood and confidence in the future.

The residents and guests of Bolshaya Berestovitsa like to spend their free time in the central square of the town. The most common visitors are mums and their children. In this regard, the local authorities made a decision to install a playground “childhood island” here. On an area of 200 square metres small architectural forms such as slides, swings, rockers and benches were set up. Children love to spend their time here. This is the central playground. Similar ones are installed in the yards around the town.

The lake embankment is a popular place for the residents of Bolshaya Berestovitsa. Every year it becomes more and more attractive. Recently several street sculptures: “The Tree of Happiness”, “The Tree of Love” and a reconciliation bench between them were placed there.

A large-scale reconstruction of the stadium was carried out in 2006. Here sports events and competitions of various levels are held, sports clubs have their trainings there and physical culture and sports fans come here to exercise. A tennis court, a jogging track, a gymnastic town and sectors for jumping and throwing are regularly used by active lifestyle fans. In winter a skating rink is made and a sports equipment rental center works from early in the morning till late at night.

The Squirrel museum in Bolshaya Berestovitsa in one of the most attended in our region. The first visitors came to the museum in 2014. There are four halls natural and historical themes. Two halls tell us about of family squirrel in the world and in Belarus. At the entrance of the museum the tourists are met by a squirrel, a symbol of Berestovica region. The world map with button control clearly shows where a particular species of squirrels lives. The visitors take a great interest in stamps, banknotes and coins, postcards, envelopes, Christmas tree ornaments and other items with a depiction of squirrels.

Near the central square there is Most Holy Mary Visitation Catholic Church. It was built in 1615. The initiative of its foundation belonged to the owner of the place Heranim Khodkevich.

The St. Michael Orthodox Church was built in 1868. The church is made in a typical for that time retrospective- Russian style. The Lord Transfiguration Church was built in 1912. The Church is prominent by its gothic sublimity.

We hope that you would like to get closer acquainted with the life of the district, see its beauty with your eyes.


Natalia Torgonskaj, the researcher


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