The museum room of the fire service opened in Berestovitsa

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Last week on the day of fire service in Berestovitsa in center for creativity of children and youth was opened the museum room of the fire service.

In the ceremony took part official people of the district and the employees of district department of emergency situations, veterans.

Next to the museum room is located a training and playing room for security entitled “Visiting the magic book”, that was opened two months ago.

Numerous exhibits presented here reflect the history of the fire service development not only in Berestovitsa but also in the whole country.

In the center of the room there is a powerful hand pump, which for a long time was the main technical means of extinguishing fires. On the walls there are various kinds of axes and fire traps, also included in the firefighters’ equipment. A large collection of fire helmets attracts attention, some of them quite rare.

Widely presented here are more modern means of extinguishing fires, including various water cannons, fire extinguishers.

A large section of the museum room is devoted to the uniform of rescuers. Dummies dressed in overalls, both modern and used in different periods of the last century, «lined up» along the wall.

Various copies of photo documents attract attention. So, in one of the photo illustrations, one can see how the firemen’s teachings took place at the town Hall Square of Bolshaya Berestovitsa at the beginning of the last century.

And in a copy of the «Gazeta Varshavskaya» of July 24, 1873, published in Polish, under the heading «Fires» you can read about «12 fires occurred in Grodno province during the first half of the year. The largest of them was a fire in the town of Bolshaya Berestovitsa, which destroyed about 120 houses with adjoining buildings. Three rows of wooden shops with all goods were also burnt. The amount of damage was about 320,000 rubles».

Written by Sergey Khiliuta. Photos made by the author

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