Over 50 tour routes developed for participants of 2nd European Games in Minsk

Regional news

A comprehensive layout of a tourist map featuring tourist sites and venues that will host the 2nd European Games is to be developed by 10 May, Minsk Deputy Mayor Artem Tsuran told reporters at a session of the interdisciplinary tourism council under the Council of Ministers held on 17 April, BelTA has learned.

Travel companies of Minsk developed a broad range of excursions for participants of the 2nd European Games. There will be a diverse cultural program in fan zones and in Minsk downtown.

According to Artem Tsuran, Minsk accounts for 57% of Belarus’ export of tourism services. In 2018 tourism services in Minsk were provided by 736 companies, 356 tour guides and 147 escort interpreters.

The city’s hospitality infrastructure encompasses 52 hotels and five hostels. Some 31 hotels with 5,000 rooms were designated for official client-groups of the 2nd European Games. Tourists and fans will be offered rooms in 21 hotels. The city’s eating-out scene is increasingly diverse with about 1,600 cafes and restaurants, including over 50 places offering national cuisine.

“Minsk’s tourism offerings are advertised at international tourism expos. The information about the 2nd European Games is posted on subway stations and subway trains. Work is underway on the design of fan zones adjoining sports facilities. We are working on the city navigation concept for pedestrian tourists. We have set up 69 tourist information points featuring maps, attractions and leisure areas,” Artem Tsuran said.


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