In Berestovitsa last Saturday was celebrated «Berast-Fest”

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For a long time on the lands of Berestovitsa region the celebration of Ivan Kupala (midsummer night)  was very popular and mass. At this time rich fairs were always organized. So the central link of the  current holiday were Kupalya`s motives.

The grand opening of the festival took place in the amphitheater in the park. The local heroes of the legend Berast and Tavitsa invited the guests to the celebration. A symbolic decree on the celebration of “Berast-Fest” was presented to the head of the district by a nobleman and his retinue.

On holiday in Berestovitsa arrived more than 50 craftsmen, who represented Brest, Pinsk, Grodno, Mosty, Volkovysk, Lida, Zelva and other places. Many interesting handmade things was sold in numerous stalls on the central street of the town and on the central alley in the park. It was broad not only the geography of the participants, but also the range of their products made of wood, metal, wicker, straw, wood carving, pottery, toys, jewelry.

The visitors of the holiday could not only see and buy souvenirs of folk artists, but even to learn their craft. The craftsmen conducted workshops on traditional types of crafts.

One of the main parts of celebrating was “Ziolkavy fest” (herbs festival). According to the popular belief, gathered on this day plants acquired medicinal powers, and Kupala wreath, woven from a variety of flowers, were considered magical. Everyone could not only see, but participate in the old rites, games and rituals, which took place on the playground in front of the park. And everyone could treat themselves with the tea from midsummer herbs, with delicious pastries, fruit and vegetables.

Very interesting and intense was the concert program. The residents and the guests of Berestovitsa could hear the performances of the creative teams of the district, see a gala concert with the participation of famous Belarusian musicians and the star of Russian chanson Katerina Golitsyna.

It was sold during the holiday more than half a ton of shashlik and other grilled meat products, as well as over one thousand liters of kvass and beer.

A real paradise was created here for the kids. Such a variety of children’s attractions, perhaps, had never been on a holiday in Berestovitsa.

The final part of the celebration took place at the lake in the city center. Everyone could see here the most beautiful Kupala rituals — the ignition of a fire, a round dance around it and a divination on wreaths.

The holiday ended with bright fireworks.

Written by Sergey Khiliuta



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