For the seventh time took place “Eismontovskiy fest” in Berestovitsa region

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For the seventh time in the village of Bolshyje Eismonty in Berestovitsa region took place recently the festival of polish culture and life named “Eismontovskiy fest”.The idea of festival belongs to the local authorities and to the local department of the Union of Poles in  Belarus. So in the year 2011 the first festival started in this place. Bolshyje Eismonty is the region where compact live more than 70 percent people of Polish nationality.

They preserve and transmit from generation to generation an original Polish culture and folk traditions. «Eismontovskiy Fest» is an excellent example of this.

— Every year the festival gathers amateurs not only of Polish, but I would note, and Belarusian culture, — said  Mieczyslaw Lysyj, chairman of the public association «Union of Poles in Belarus». — The task of our public association is to support such initiatives of preserving and developing national traditions in every possible way. That is why we come every time with great pleasure here to get pleasant emotions and impressions from the festival.

 The honorary right to open the «Eismontovskiy Fest -2018» was granted to Vladimir Yankoit, who heads the local department of the Union of Poles in Belarus for many years. He declared the motto of festival. This year the motto was: “People — the main wealth of a small homeland”.

 The visitors of the festival had an opportunity to taste traditional polish dishes, to buy handicrafts and works of arts and crafts creativity, to listen to performances of folk musical groups.

Written by Sergey Khiliuta, photos made by Svetlana Goncharova



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