The first shift began in the children recreation camp “Berestovitskij”

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The children recreation camp “Berestovitskij” is situated about one kilometer away from Bolshaya Berestovitsa, a small town in Grodno region, which is located 15 km away from the border crossing point to   Poland.

Last Sunday more than one hundred children from Berestovitsa and some neighbor districts came here to start the summer rest.

During the summer they plan to take in the camp to health promotion four shifts. To the services of children there are nice rooms, sport places, interesting games, fresh air and tasty food.

— We organize for our children many different sport games, contests and relay races, — says educator Natalia Sveyko. – Each event is displayed in our working plan. We want our children to receive unusual bright impressions from staying in the camp. Besides we organize interesting excursions to district center. Recently for example we made a trip to the circus.   

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