The Squirrel Museum in Bolshaya Berestovitsa is one of the 34 unusual museums in Belarus

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The Squirrel Museum was opened about four years ago in Bolshaya Berestovitsa, the small town situated in Grodno region, 15 km away from the border crossing point to Poland. 50 kilometers separate the town from the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcza, where live rare animals – bison.

Old people say that in the last century there lived many squirrels in Berestovitsa. Not by chance it became a symbol of the town, founded more than 500 years ago.

Today it is possible to make closer acquaintance to the beautiful animal in the Squirrel Museum in Bolshaya Berestovitsa. You can see here not only some expositions devoted to the squirrel, but the alive animal in the cage aviary. Stuffed animals, schemes, photos and drawings tell us about distribution area of various kinds of squirrels.

There is a section in the exposition with stuffed animals – the enemies of squirrel.

In the exposition of the museum you can get acquainted with literary works about squirrels.  Works of arts and crafts, postage stamps and banknotes with squirrel`s image are exhibited here. And emblems of the cities in different countries with squirrel`s image you can see in one of the rooms too.

The other two rooms of the museum are devoted to the historical events from the life of the town and its outskirts.

Sergey Khiliuta

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