The Belarusian Father Frost Zyuzya welcomes guests in his residence in Berestovitsa

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On the the New Year’s Eve on the territory of children’s health camp «Berestovicki» was opened the residence of the Belarusian Father Frost — Zyuzya.

To enter the residence visitors must pass several tests. You need to get a cone in a wicker boot or blindfolded to put iron in the stove.

The Magic Well and the Magic Tree are waiting for visitors at the next thematic area. The hostess of the courtyard Goat invites guests to look into the magic well, throw a coin there, rub the magic bell and make a wish.

The most serious tests await visitors at the site where the » Villains» hosts. By the way, you can not only take part in the team competition, but also to taste the hot soup.

Finally, after all the tests you get into the residence of Zyuzya. Belarusian Grandfather Frost greets guests sitting in a large armchair. He sincerely welcomes his guests. You can whisper your wishes in his ear, or you can write them on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope in a large mailbox.

And at last Zyuzya together with Snow Maiden Zavirukha lead a round dance with the visitors of the residence around the Christmas tree.

Near the entrance to the residence guests are greeted by a huge dragon made of metal structures. This is a gift to the children’s camp of our countryman Vladimir Syrokvashin.


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