How is the tourism development program implemented in Berestovitsa district

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Three weeks have passed since the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 300 “On the establishment of a visa-free procedure for entry and exit of foreign citizens” is in force. In accordance with this document, visa-free entry is also possible on the territory of Berestovitsa district.

And although it is not yet the best season for tourist trips, preparations for receiving guests from abroad in our region are in accordance with the plan for the development of tourism in the region for 2019-2020. This plan includes a number of measures that should be carried out by structural units of the district executive committee, business entities.

Entering our district from the checkpoint “Berestovitsa” tourists can see a bright colorful billboard informing in English that the Berestovitsa district is a visa-free zone.

According to Valentin Artyukhevich, the head of the sports and tourism sector of the district executive committee, additional booklets on places of interest in the region will be printed soon. Seven tourist-oriented billboards will be placed in the district at the parking places for tourist buses and at roadside service facilities. By the way, there will be three parking places in the town: near the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Ratushnaya square, the Squirrel Museum and the Church of the Transfiguration in Lenin Street. All these parking places have already had road signs.

Catering facilities have been prepared for receiving guests, as it was said in the department of economics of the district executive committee. So, in the “Kolos” restaurant in Bolshaya Berestovitsa and in the “Viking” cafe in Olekshitsy there are comfortable zones equipped with symbols with inscriptions in Russian and English, where you can recharge smartphones and other portable computer devices and connect WiFi for free.

A number of measures to increase the tourist attractiveness of the region are planned to be implemented next year as well. We hope  that guests from abroad will like our places. “Welcome!”  to Berestovitsa district!

Text and pictures: Sergey Khiliuta

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