Berestovitsa hunters organize feeding of wild animals in the cold winter days

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On frosty winter days wild animals need human support more than ever. They need additional calories at this time, which are increasingly difficult to obtain under the snow cover.

At such times the hunters always come to the aid of the representatives of our fauna. According to Anatoly Pronin, director of the Berestovitsa regional organizational structure of “Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen,” thanks to the sponsorship of agricultural enterprises of the region, the “feed table” of animals is supplemented with hay, silage, and grain. So the wild ducks, that live in the stream near the lake in the regional center, get the grain mixture. During the winter period reindeer and roe deer are feeding with the silage.

Sergey Khiliuta

Pictures: Sergey Khiliuta

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