In Berestovitsa last Sunday was celebrated «Berast-Fest”

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The holiday began with a beautiful action entitled «Berast and Tavitsa or the history of one love story» on the banks of the picturesque lake. The local legend says about the romantic love story of a guy and a girl Berast and Tavitsa, whose names were used as the basis for the name of the settlement more than 500 years ago.

One of the main points of the holiday program in Berestovitsa was the opening of the House of Crafts on the central street near the lake. The House of Crafts gives an opportunity to get acquainted deeper with the history of the spread of traditional crafts in this area.

In the house of crafts there is an ethnographic corner with an exposition of subjects of a country life and handicraft products. The visitors will be able to purchase modern handmade articles of straw, clay, wood painting here.

After the opening ceremony a large procession proceeded to the park named after the 500th anniversary of the Great Berestovitsa, where the grand opening of the «Berast-Fest» was held at the summer amphitheater.

Many interesting handmade things was sold in numerous stalls on the central street of the town.

On the large courtyard the hostess and host invited all present to be treated with delicious local dishes «fishsoup in  Berestovitsky style” and «Berestovitsa buckwheat with bacon.»

A special courtyard with a lot of fun was organized for the children.

Written by Sergey Khiliuta



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