The performance dedicated to the beginning of Pancake week took place in Bolshaya Berestovitsa

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District theatrical performance dedicated to the beginning of Pancake week (Maslenitsa) took place on the first March Saturday at the Town Hall Square in Bolshaya Berestovitsa.

Sunny weather, funny songs, dances, jokes cheered up everyone who came that day to the central square of the town to say goodbye to the cold winter and meet a beauty-spring according to the old traditions. The main traditional characters of the performance were Santa Claus, Winter with Snowflakes, Spring with Spring girls, Maslenitsa, Bear and others.

And, of course, what holiday without amateur artists of the regional center of culture and folk art and its affiliates for cultural and leisure activities. They perfectly complemented the holiday atmosphere.

For centuries one of the main attributes of such the holiday considered pancakes, symbolizing the sun. According to the tradition in ancient times people tried in such a way to ask winter when it did not leave for a long time. This element was as the basis for the theatrical performance. It`s participants treated the guests with pancakes and donuts.

To release the spring from captivity went on a journey hero Alyosha Popovich and his horse Julius Caesar. Meanwhile participants of the event have tried their strength and agility in the games “Prize at the pole» and «Berestovitskaya fishing».

By the way Spring with Spring girls has come. And the final moment of the holiday came — the burning of stuffed winter. Around the fire with a burning stuffed winter gathered a big round dance.

Sergey Khiliuta

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