The author of “Primer” Nadezhda Storazhava was born in Berestovitsa region

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Nadezhda Storazhava was born in 1942 in the village of Kaniuchi. After graduating from the school she studied at the Pedagogical institute in Grodno.

At first she worked as a teacher in Grodno region, and then got married and moved to Minsk. Here she worked as a teacher of primary school in a variety of Minsk schools. Nadezhda Storazhava was trying to apply in the lessons the new methods in the process of teaching reading and writing, as well as in comprehensive educational work.

In 1984 Byelorussian Ministry of Education announced a competition for «Primer» for Russian schools of the republic. Nadezhda Storazheva also decided to take part in this contest.

Several authors took part in the contest for the best ABC book. But the best was recognized the “Primer” of Nadezhda Storazhava. Its first edition was published in 100 thousand copies. No book in Belarus was published in such a circulation.

The “Primer” of Nadezhda Storazhava was published many times, its total circulation of over 500thousand copies. This book was used in training in primary schools in such countries as Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Montenegro.

Besides she has prepared various teaching aids for children and parents.

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