In Berestovitsa district there are good opportunities to rest in the farmsteads

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The rest in farmsteads became very popular in the last years. There are excellent opportunities for that in Berestovitsa district too.

In 2 km from the district center and 50 km from the city of Grodno in the small village of Bely Dvorok is located the farmstead «Dvoryanskoye gnezdo». Its territory covers an area of about 3 hectares and is equipped with everything needed for a good rest in nature outside the city and for holding events of various formats: family and corporate holidays, thematic photo shoots, outside registrations of weddings ceremonies, etc.

On the estate there is a guest house with an attic floor and an open veranda. In the banquet hall of the house can accommodate up to 25 people. It is possible to book a vacation with overnight stay from 2 to 6 people. The house has everything you need: from sanitary facilities to household appliances, also television and Wi-Fi.

In the warm season it is possible to organize a holiday in a summer house for 20 people.

The territory of the entire estate complex is landscaped with small architectural forms, sculptures, flowerbeds, fountains, benches, which gives the place extra beauty and creates an excellent atmosphere for organizing thematic photo shoots and outside registrations of weddings ceremonies.

There is a lake here with an equipped beach and descent into the water. Vacationers can sunbathe and swim. Guests of the estate are also provided with everything needed for fishing.

Another farmstead «Levshovo» is located 70 km from the city of Grodno and 12 km from the town of Bolshaya Berestovitsa in the village of Gorbachi. It is perfect for celebration of weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, outside registrations of weddings, thematic photo shoots and a great rest.

The banquet room can accommodate up to 35 people. The house has everything you need: household appliances, television, Wi-Fi. Exit from the banquet hall leads to a spacious open veranda.

On the estate there are a sauna and a lake. So fishing enthusiasts can go fishing.

Farmstead «Tikhiye prudy» («Quiet Ponds») is located 4 km from the district center and the highway R-99 Baranovichi-Grodno in the village of Iodichi.

On the estate there is everything you need for celebrations and for a quiet family holiday. The owners offer for the guests four double rooms and one with the possibility of accommodation for more than three people. The maximum number of guests staying here is 12.

The guests are offered fishing on the lake, located on the estate, several barbecues. In the courtyard there is a summer house with barbecue. It is possible also to steam in the Russian bath.

The farm stead is a successful example of a combination of urban comfort and village idyll.

Sergey Khiliuta

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